Daring To Dream A Dream

Just as I was working on pulling together my thoughts about my first 6 months as a retired feminist woman the world sent me a reminder that keeping my eye on “my dream” is  – as we used to say – where it’s at!  

The Vancouver Sun headline read:  “Susan Boyle: Unemployed 47-year-old virgin becomes overnight music superstar“, simultaneously introducing us to Susan Boyle and displaying it’s out-dated mysogynistic approach to the world.  Really – what has her age, her professional status, or the state of her chastity got to do with her enormous talent and determination?

The lights that are flashing are telling me to remember; remember that it’s about holding onto the dream and moving always closer to it that matters.  

Which brings me to another “ah ha” moment I’ve had in this process of thinking the months through.  I was watching Nancy Pelosi on The Daily Show (catching up on missed know_your_powershows over Passover) talking about her new book Know Your Power:  A Message to America’s Daughters (I’ve already ordered one for myself and one for Freida … which Nili’s welcome to read until Freida’s ready for this.)  

When she said, at the end of her interview:  “Women.  We need more women in politics” I think I actually did hear the sound of a penny dropping.  Only for a brief moment did I allow myself to dwell in the fantasy of going into politics (something I guess I’ve long thought about and sometimes been encouraged to consider more seriously; I might even think about volunteering for a politician I believe in … assuming I can find one).  That’s when the light came on.  That’s it!  I want to spend time – both working and playing – with people who believe in the same things … at a deep and committed level … that I do.  

Nancy said it this way:  “What lifts you up, what helps you grow,  is the excitement of the people around you.”

Susan said it through her remarkable voice and exuberant tenacity.

Now there’s another set of filters for making decisions about where to go next!   Is it part of my dream?  Will it involve kindred spirits?  Will it lift me up and help me grow?

Some days there’s wisdom floating all around; nice when I can see it.


4 responses to “Daring To Dream A Dream

  1. I’ve watched that video of Susan Boyle over and over. It’s absolutely inspiring and it does speak volumes about stereotypes, expectations and realities.

  2. Sylvia Bereskin

    Yes, I think many of us keep going back to that video and reminding ourselves not to jump to conclusions … the old “don’t judge a book by its cover” stuff. Good for us all to have this reminder I think, not to mention so inspiring.

    I’ve added your website to our blogroll; how wonderful that there are so many ways to link the resources available to us crones. Thanks for the work you do.

  3. I guess I wasn’t the only one that watched Susan Boyle with tears in my eyes, and yes I have watched it several times since. So much to say about judgement and preconceived assumptions.Part of the delight was to watch the faces of the judging panel and to hear at least two of them acknowledge that their attitude was so out of line.

  4. Sylvia, I look forward to hearing more about your possible venture into politics, that sounds like something you would love! I’m sure you would excel!

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