Oh oh – no real posting today

apologyI’m sitting here staring at my computer.  It’s quite late Sunday evening, and for the first time since I started blogging last July I don’t have anything ready to post tomorrow.  I’ve got a number of things partly thought-through and even partly written.  I’d set aside some time today to sit down and write and was really looking forward to that, but as the day unfolded I found myself quite overwhelmed.  Thank goodness I had the company of a couple of my oh-so-sweet nieces at a movie this afternoon and then had eight of us around a dinner table.  And still there’s so much noise in my head – so many thoughts and feelings – that I can’t quite put words to paper.  So I’m going to simply apologize that there’s really no posting for today.  See you all on Thursday.


3 responses to “Oh oh – no real posting today

  1. No problem, you deserve a break!

  2. Sharon Griffin

    Hey – you’re retired, remember? The reason you worked as hard as you did for so many years was so you could have an occasional day/week off. So don’t apologize – just say – having a retirement day, or, gone fishing!


  3. Sylvia Bereskin

    I can’t begin to tell you how much this kind of support means to me. There’s a lot to work through as I make this transition and having the support of other women who urge me on and shore me up … well, what can I say!

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