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Performance – The Sheer Beauty of It

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Don’t miss the beauty around you

Joshua BellI’ve never used a posting to just pass along something before, but I got this email recently and I thought it was so amazing I’d post it here.  After all, it says just what I’ve been trying to pursue in retirement; an awareness that there’s a world around us that we need to pay attention to.  I hope that you’ll enjoy it as much as I did … and do feel free to pass it along to others.  Here’s the story.  Keep it mind as you read it that the children understood … as they usually do. Continue reading

Sudoku to Solitaire to ?

sudokuAbout a year and a half ago I started ‘doing’  Sudoku.  Initially I “took it up” because I’d noticed that I wasn’t remembering things as easily as I used to (you know, when I was younger).  Then I read this one day:  “While we cannot control many of the changes that occur to our aging brain, research has found that only 35 percent of how you age is determined by genetics, the rest is determined by your lifestyle, environment, and other factors, many of which you can control and change. For instance, constant exercise of our mind helps you through the aging process by minimizing its effects. Like exercising our muscles to maintain a healthy body, we must exercise our brains to maintain a healthy mind.” Sudoku didn’t come easily to me; it’s just not the way my mind works naturally … and this made it seem like an even more important challenge somehow.   Continue reading