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I guess I’ll have to do it while I’m here

Friday, July 31st (countdown to 60 – 4,000 minutes to go … but who’s counting).

I completed my MBSR course last week, just in time for my birthday.  I’m so grateful to Dr. Lucinda Sykes for her guidance through this course.  She gave me a great birthday gift in one of the things that she said to us in our last class:  “This moment is everything; this moment is your life.  Everything else is either memory or expectation.  This moment.”  Wow!  This moment is good.  No worries.  Much.

End of my 59th year

Yes, I know, yesterday I told you I was going to wait until the end of my birthday to reflect on the whole experience which might be just the thing I need to do to learn what life wants me to learn on this next day of transition.  It’s just after 8 p.m. the evening of August 2nd; being Jewish my birthday will begin at sunset tonight … about an hour from now.  I’ve had a bubble bath and washed my hair; we’ve just come back from a day and a half at the Blue Skies Music Festival which was filled with the joy of being able to be there for a while with my IMG_1755daughter and her family and sharing that with David and … bonus … reconnecting with a couple who were dear friends in my Peterborough years and talking as if we’d last spoken a few days ago but somehow had years and years of details – our lives and our childrens’ – to catch up on.  For me it is still a joy to bask in the feeling that I get sitting on a hillside, listening to bluegrass music (or perhaps Washboard Hank … who leads scores of children through all of the campsites early on Sunday morning, in costumes and with instruments) the goal being to make sure by the time they’re back there’s nobody still sleeping anywhere.  So, enough about before … about now. Continue reading