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Thank you President Obama and President Clinton

Sometimes, living in Canada, it’s just veryUS icon very hard to figure out what goes on south of our border.  I’ve been feeling that way quite a lot lately and it’s truly mystifying … and distressing.  True, I’m not an American although I’ve spent a part of my life living in the US and, since my sister and her family live in California, and Santa Fe, NM is one of my favorite places, I spend a lot of time south of the 49th parallel.  So why am I spending so much time thinking about this?  Because, in the end, I’m pretty sure there’s something I can learn by figuring out what’s going on in the land of the free and the home of the brave.  And in that quest for understanding I want to pause and thank President Bill Clinton and President Barack Obama for the light they’ve recently shed on this confusion and for how they’ve both helped me deepen my understanding of what life’s all about. Continue reading


Keynote Tomorrow: Will it be my last?

freedom1I am giving a keynote address at a conference tomorrow.  I was first approached by the conference organizers last summer when I was called – at work, in my office – and asked if I’d  do a presentation at their conference in February on some of the gains we’d made in ESL.  It was the first time that I said: “Sorry, I’ll have retired and be gone by next February but I’m sure someone else from the team would be happy to present“.  I can still remember the feeling that I had when I said that:  gone from the day-t0-day pressures, gone from having to say and do things that I didn’t really believe in, gone from meetings and more meetings and more meetings.  There was also a moment of  “Oh my God; I’ll never speak publically again” which was significant because, if you know me, you know that I love to speak.   Continue reading