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Staying in one place while the world changes

The past few days have been both enlightening and eventful, with everything from a blissful dance to a car accident.  We’re all fine (a little shaken up) but beyond that this feels like one of those times that life has lessons to teach and will make sure they’re presented … one way or another.   

dance Saturday morning, as is my current  custom, I went Sacred Circle  Dancing.  It was one of those days that  holds out the promise of spring around  the corner; big sunshine and mild air … which means above freezing when it’s     March in Toronto … almost no wind.  I      woke up feeling rested and quite  wonderful so I danced with true  enthusiasm; wherever I could add a    little spring to the step, I did.  One of the  dances we did involved some steps to  the right, steps to the left, steps into the  center and then – for a count of 8 beats –  you were to move yourself to another  place around the circle.  At some point I realized that if, during this 8 beats, I just stood in place – swaying my hips to the music – then the circle would change around me.  How incredibly empowering this was.  Rather than join into the chaos of the “find a new place in the circle” element of the dance I just held onto where I was and let the circle find a new place around me.  Brilliant … as the British say.  As the dance came to an end I realized that I’d just learned another key lesson. Continue reading